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Brain Teaser!

Can you translate the following byte to decimal? HINT: Answer at the bottom of this page 🙂

00101010 = ?

For more information on why binary arithmetic is important for anyone interested in a career in technology, take a look at my recent post >>>

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Technology is everywhere!

Whether we like to admit it or not, technology is all around us.

Where will a career in technology take you?

Marc’s Technology Career Highlights

  • Research Projects:
    • Modelling Safety Critical Systems
    • Navigating the Botanics using Vibration Feedback
    • Mapping Large Data Sets to Analyse Software Use
    • Listing Items for an Auction Website (eg Ebay)
  • Business Systems:
    • Paperless Admissions
    • Investment Banking Information Exchange
  • Mobile Apps
    • Fitness Is My Life fitness coaching app

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Answer to Brain Teaser:


(128×0) + (64×0) + (32×1) + (16×0) + (8×1) + (4×0) + (2×1) + (1×0) = 42